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Take your audience on a journey to greater SUCCESS and HAPPINESS with Danny Parker.

Meet Danny Parker

Creator. Entrepreneur. Storyteller.

Danny Parker has enjoyed a long, successful career on the creative side of the marketing industry. After a succession of life-changing events, he looked both deep within himself and at the world around him to discover a new path to happiness.

He already knew that when life throws you big challenges, the answer is to search for positivity. For Danny, this meant following a crazy dream. The result was “I Love This Town!” a 30-minute fun and quirky television show. Against the odds, and with help from a few friends, the show aired on broadcast television in 2018. This gave Danny a new sense of fulfillment, and lit the spark that changed the direction of his life.

Now he’s sharing his personal experiences and his journey with everyone.

The Business of Ourselves

Regardless of what business you’re in, we’re really in the business of ourselves – marketing our own unique selling points to the world. That’s the magic behind Danny Parker’s presentation, “The Business of Ourselves.” A deeply personal, yet extremely relatable, tale of making positive changes to create a happier, more fulfilling and, ultimately, more successful life. 

Ideal for a variety of business meetings and events, including seminars, creative gatherings, company retreats and more, “The Business of Ourselves” can be adapted to fit various audiences and time requirements. This fun presentation will keep participants active and interested and Danny explains why change is hard, but also necessary – especially in the business world of today. And best of all, he shares real stories of why and how it works.

My Nano Steps

With My Nano Steps, Danny Parker expands on his views of the connection between success and happiness. He’s outlined a path that anyone can follow, at their own pace, to create a happier, fuller and more peaceful life. And best of all, because he’s gone down that road himself, he knows it works. 

Tied directly to “The Business of Ourselves,” My Nano Steps is the next chapter in Danny Parker’s overall message that improving your life is not only possible, but easier than you think. Designed for anyone looking to make positive, lasting changes in their life, My Nano Steps is also perfect for organizations that understand the positive impact of having happy, inspired and satisfied employees has on their overall success. 

Look for the My Nano Steps book available in 2021.

Short and shareable videos that quickly make an impact.

Danny Parker shows that it takes just one thing to make an impact.

Danny Parker remembers the importance of simply being kind.

Danny points out that too often our little voice isn't on our side.

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