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"We already possess everything we need to be happy and successful."

Meet Danny Parker

Entrepreneur. Photographer. Designer. Traveler. Storyteller.

Danny Parker’s career simply can’t be reduced to a single title. Regardless of what he’s done, the story of how he did is the most intriguing part of Danny’s journey. His innate desire to push himself to trying new things that has led Danny Parker to his most inspiring career path to date: that of author and speaker.

Danny Parker Talks

Danny brings together his optimism and experience as a hard-working farm kid, artist and creator, storyteller and conversationalist to every audience. Evident in each presentation is Danny’s sense of humor and down-to-earth nature, which balance nicely to create an engaging and entertaining experience.

Nano Steps

With his book Nano Steps, Danny Parker expands on his views of the connection between success and happiness. He’s outlined a path that anyone can follow, at their own pace, to create a happier, more fulfilling life. And best of all, because he’s gone down that road himself, he knows it works. 

My Nano Steps - An Inspirational Workbook is a companion pieces and a nice first step. 

Look for the Nano Steps book available in late 2021.

My Nano Steps - An Inspirational Guide is available now.

Videos that quickly make an impact.

Danny Parker remembers the importance of simply being kind.

Danny Parker remembers the importance of simply being kind.

Danny points out that too often our little voice isn't on our side.

Here's a quick glimpse at how "I Love This Town!" came to be.