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Meet Danny Parker

Raised on a farm in Ohio, it was easy to see Danny’s creative nature very early-on in the small, rural community his family called home. Danny was different, but his optimistic outlook enabled him to embrace his uniqueness, laying the foundation for his life’s path early on. 

Danny always loved art and drawing, and in school discovered photography, earning awards while still in high school and national recognition while in college. Art and photography started him down the path of a long and successful career in advertising. But that’s only part of his story. The strong work ethic he learned from growing up on a farm, combined with an engaging sense of humor and endless curiosity, led Danny to follow multiple dreams. While building and sustaining that career, Danny simultaneously followed separate paths, started other businesses and pursed other passions. 

Danny jumped into whatever caught his interest – everything from restoring “muscle” bikes from the 1960s and collecting midcentury outdoor signage to traveling places he’s never been. Some of the more compelling photos and video from his travels serve as the backdrop to his inspiring YouTube content and books. 

Danny’s natural curiosity and entrepreneurial spirit led to a personal philosophy of “just try things,” which in turn led his long list of vastly varied titles. He’s owned and operated a commercial photography studio, a lawn mowing service, an advertising agency and more. 

He finds a way to turn interests and passions into careers. For example he combined his love of cars and an ability for sewing passed down from his mother to start a company making one-of-a-kind canvas bags for spare tires for the automotive industry. 

Danny brought all of his creative powers together to produce a fun, quirky television show that aired on broadcast television. Enlisting help from friends, Danny created the half-hour “I Love this Town!” It showcases the unique nature of Danny’s adopted home town and serves as a model that can be replicated across the country. When asked why he would spend so much of his own time and resources on the project, Danny simply answered, “Why wouldn’t I?”